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HOME LEGS AND BOOTY🍑⁣ ⁣ Make sure you tag a friend if they need more home workout ideas 💕 Also, don’t forget to give this video a like to support my content and videos!⁣ ⁣ Today is a leg day! Follow each slide with the full workouts posted :)⁣ ⁣ As far as restocks of any of my product, please follow my Insta stories! I am trickling in some product, but won’t have a huge restock for a little. We are doing our best to still be getting product for y’all!⁣ ⁣ Outfit- @suziebfashion⁣ ⁣ Song- sun goes down Jim Yosef and Roy Knox NCS #suziebfitness #gluteworkout #legworkout #legdayworkout #legday #homeworkouts #homeworkout #workoutmotivation #fitnessjourney #workoutroutine

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I would like a one way ticket to hawaii plz ty ty add 2 kitties too plz thnx ☀️🌺🌸

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Doing one of my FIT workouts wearing my favourite workout wear – @womensbestwear 🙌🏼 . SCROLL ACROSS FOR EACH EXERCISE ➡️➡️➡️ . SWISS BALL CRUNCH 2 sets x 12 reps 1 min rest after each set . HANGING KNEE TUCKS 3 sets x 12 reps 1 min rest after each set . FLOOR L SITS 2 sets x 30 second holds 1 min rest after each set . SWISS BALL CROSS BODY MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 3 sets x 12 reps 1 min rest after each set . KB REACHING DEAD BUG 4 sets x 20 reps 1 min rest after each set . BODY SAW 3 sets x 12 reps 1 min rest after each set . . #womensbest #womensbestwear #emilyskye #emilyskyefit #fullworkout #gymworkout #workoutprogram

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That New @cheri_fit 🙌🏼 This FRIDAY 🖤🤍🖤🤍 Tag someone who like scrunch booty leggings!! #cherifit

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INTRODUCING ….. . @baseline @baseline @baseline 👌🏼💪❤️ #baseline

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LISTEENNNN THIS CARDIO ROUTINE RUINED ME! Give this workout a like 💙 and save if you want to burn those cals! I wasn’t playing with this one and before anyone starts saying anything try it first then you’ll see how difficult it is but WOW…. the way I was burning, sweating and well just contemplating everything METHOD: ◾️ Perform each slide for 1 minute (30 seconds each side) with NO rest. Repeat twice if you dare. Incline 15% I did this after a resistance workout. SONG: Ex Ty Dolla sign For more killer workouts you want to be following @toneandsculptapp full of recipes, workouts and QUEENS #workoutmotivation #hiit #cardio #toneandsculpt

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It’s crazy to know what can happen if you stay consistent with your nutrition and do exercises. I started because I wanted to feel better about myself and also to try something different. In the process I’ve learned so much. I have changed my mindset, habits and learned that I had to be patient because results take time. It’s very simple but sometimes we over complicate things. Make small changes on a daily basis. You’re capable of amazing things and I believe you can do it. By the way, grab my FREE GUIDE available on my story!!🍑🍑👯‍♀️ Tag your gym partner!

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Anybody else color code their closet? 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Enjoy life 😀😀😀 #islandgirl 🌺🌴

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QUARANTINE FIT FACT: you will not start to lose muscle gains until after two weeks of not training. The physical size loss that you may see before that time, will not actually be loss of muscle.. it’s only a drop in your glycogen levels and water inside your muscle. This is easily replaced. BUT it’s important to keep your muscles moving and working, to avoid atrophy after the two week period and in order to keep up your “pump” and tone. This means you don’t necessarily need to be doing heavy lifting or weights. Body weight and low resistance workouts are all you need for this time and are sufficient enough to keep your gains from slipping for this short period of time we are in quarantine! Keep active! Try new things! Even doing body weight and new types of exercises will be a challenge for the “I only lift heavy weights” gym goers because it will all be new to your muscles and you will be shocked when you feel the burn the next day 😂 – Stay motivated, stay strong 💪🏻 – Above is a photo of my muscle butt🤣🍑 I’m 100% glutes. My body stores NO FAT on my butt. I literally grew a butt and along with this physique. I’m a damn muscle building expert, and I’m here to tell you it’s gonna be ok. Just listen to my advice above, and try some of the free workouts I’ll be posting. You got this girl🙌🏻 – #gluteworkout #realbooty #quarantine #quarantined #quarantinelife #musclebuilding #homefitness #homefit #homeworkouts #facts

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buenos dias

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🌊 😁😄

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It’s all in the title 😝 😝 Wearing @vqfit / @vqfitwomen ⛔️ If you like this, please DOUBLE TAP to support me 🙏🏽 your likes really help me 🤗 ❤️ 👉🏽 Try 3 to 5 rounds of this 🔝 I’m using bands from and I’m using the light and medium ones ☺️ #workoutmotivation #nogymnoproblem #fitnessmotivation #homeworkout #bootybuilding #gluteworkout #resistancebands #dubaifitfam #dubaifitness #fitfrenchies #mondaymotivation

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KETTLEBELL WORKOUT 🔔 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Let’s get it 🔥 Full body tone and sculpt workout, yeaaaaaaas Fitties💪🏽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 1⃣ Kettelbell Swings – 12 reps ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 2⃣ Cossack with Single Arm Upright Row – 12 reps ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 3⃣ Alternate Arm Kettlebell Squat Swings – 12 reps ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 4⃣ Squat Hold with Upright Row – 12 reps ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This workout is perfect if your hitting the gym or at home 💜 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There are hundreds of workouts that I’ve been using for months & months all within my App – FIT WITH STEF, download link in my bio. No time wasted you will know exactly what you’re doing 🙌🏽💕 Happy Monday Fitties 💜 SONG- SUMMER WALKER GIRLS NEED LOVE

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🚨🚨NEW VIDEO ALERT🚨 🚨 It’s easy to add a small ‘twist’ to a popular exercise to add a lot more punch to it 🙌 – Adding a half turn to the typical Jump Squat will add a challenge.. just don’t jump in circles or you will make yourself dizzy 🤢… – This plyometric movement is great for fat burning, and toning your lower body & core. – Add it to a home or gym workout to get your heat rate up ❤️ -Try my full home or gym workouts for free on my workout app ‘TWL APP’. Link in my bio or search TWL in the APP store 📱💪🏽 #jumpsquats #fatburning #twist

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Just an FYI I have never said & I will never say I have a “big butt”.. that’s not my goal. I have a fit, muscle booty that I worked hard for. Sadly, plastic surgery has ruined society’s view on the human body.. My butt is real & realistically you can’t reach those unproportionate bodies without a surgeons help. I like my booty to be real & proportionate to the rest of my body. Let’s bring real bodies back 💪🏽✨

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Saturday 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great weekend, Love you all!

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Landmine Squat to Lateral Raise 🤗 Legs, shoulders and CORE 😣 Totally died at the end of the video 😆 Entire body was shot 🔫! (Vid is sped up. Part 2 posted later) Don’t forget to take your protein immediately after your workout. I always carry my Legion Protein shaker with a scoop of Legion Whey+ Protein in my gym bag. Just add water as I am walking out of the gym 👌🏻 Major 🔑 to my success @legionath for all the supplements I take! Code: BRITTANY

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Hoopkia 🏄‍♀️

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Beach workouts are one of my faves, all you need is 20min and you’re dying 😩💪🏽😰😻 @revolve @stellamccartney #revolvesummer

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Save you under 🍑 emoji in my contact

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Weekend Vibes!☀️Summertime! Summertime!☀️❤️Enjoy yourself lovers! 😍It’s all about balance, give yourself time to unwind! ❤️Then when you need to gather it all back together join us for the 2nd Round of our 30Day Summer Body Bootcamp in the Club @hollywoodtrainerclub 😊💯💪Click the link in my profile 👉 @msjeanettejenkins for all the details & join us! ❤️LOVE YOUR BODY! We all come in different shapes, sizes & body types & if you want to wear a bikini 👙 WEAR IT! I will always encourage everyone to do their best to be committed & consistent to eating healthy, exercise & balanced living so you can FEEL GREAT inside & SHINE on the outside!❤️😘Enjoy the weekend! 💯#WeekendVibes

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Ready to rumble 🥊

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⠀ ⠀ 💥 SWISS BALL HOME GRAB N GO WORKOUT 💥⠀ ⠀ Clip 1 | 15 reps | Per leg | 4 sets ⠀ ⠀ Clip 2 [beginner] & Clip 3 [advanced] | 15 reps | Per leg | 4 sets ⠀ ⠀ Clip 4 | 20 reps [modification: basic squat] | 4 sets ⠀ ⠀ Clip 5 | 10 reps | Each side | 4 sets ⠀ ⠀ Clip 6 | 8-10 reps | Per leg | 4 sets ⠀ ⠀ ⭐️⠀ ⭐️⠀ ⠀ IN other news.. it’s SUNDAY NIGHT 🌙 ⠀ ⠀ Which means…. Winners have been chosen for the Ptula outfits !!! 🎉🎁🤗⠀ ⠀ ⭐️⠀ ⠀ Congratulations to both of the winners ⠀ ⠀ @sandysofiagoncalves⠀ @mickypinheiro⠀ ⠀ Please DM @ptulaactive so we can get you this outfit in your size ASAP!⠀ ⠀ You all make these giveaways so much fun & special – reading your comments, being so open and honest and totally making your friends, family and loved ones smile over social media – ahhh I love seeing that… ♥️ ⠀ ⠀ What should we do for the next one?! 😳🎁⠀ ⠀ ⭐️⠀ ⠀ #ptulaactive #ptulaaddict #ptulagiveaway #ptulalove #homeworkouts #bodyweightworkouts #freeworkouts #tiu #tiuprogess #homesquats #gymglutes #homeexercises #fit #fitness #bbgprogress #fitfam #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation

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So much in store for 2018!!What’s your #1 goal for next year?

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Just landed home from Las Vegas!✨ – Traveling while on prep was definitely a challenge but I got it done!💯 – This picture was taken earlier this morning at the Ceasars gym!😈 In the last 4 weeks I can see my body significantly changing and it feels amazing to witness all the hard work paying off! My plan is growing into this show by eating more and training more effectively!🙏🏼 – Happy to be back home in my routine! 10 weeks out and IT’S GRIND TIME!😈 – #ThatlatttttDoeeeee #NoMakeUpZone

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Using good lighting and angles to my advantage right now 😬 Sooo I’m currently about 3-4lbs heavier than I was over summer, and although I do miss my tighter abs… I kinda love the curvier me too! What do you think? Abs or curves??? Comment below👇🏼

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Packing suits for LA 😜✌🏽 #LESSGO PS I took my hair extensions out. Was planning on putting them back in tonight but I’m kindaaaaaa digging this look.🤔 Thoughts? #Natch

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It’s a glutey booty workout today 👏🏻🍑 BOTH bum cheeks were sore this time so we all good 🌚 I don’t tend to have a specific glutes day personally, I kind of just decide when I get to the gym if I’m feeling a more booty focus and this was one of those days ✨ 1️⃣ sumo deadlifts – 8-10 reps X 5 2️⃣ dumbbell thrust into abduction – 12 reps X 4 (although this isn’t weighted the burn is so real) 3️⃣ Bulgarian split squats – 8 reps per leg X 5 (these are also v v burnified and due to having to get your balance on at the same time not the easiest haha lots of falling about went on in between these clips lol) 4️⃣ side plank glute lift – 8 reps per leg X 4 (Again with the no weight burn – plz don’t be fooled by how easy these look – especially when in the elevated plank position 💀) I also did squats and hip thrusts during this workout 🤗 Wearing all of the @gymshark ombré power ranger vibes 💙🌈 #workoutvideo #gymsharkwomen #motivation #legday

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🍑CIRCUIT TIME🍑 1. Cable Pistol Squats 2. Cable One Legged Deadlift 3. Cable Duck Walk All you need is a cable attachment and boom, done. Try these three movements back to back, completing the circuit 3-4 times. My leggies were screaming 🍑🔥 Song: Marshmello – Silence (Codeko Remix) Shoes: @adidas NMD Gym: @paradigmgyms #fitness #workout

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Answering questions — “what weight should I be using?” . The reason I don’t post the weights that I use is because it honestly varies a lot from exercise to exercise, and everyone is different! So how heavy do you lift? The answer is simple and actually the same whether you are about to try weight-training for the first time, or have been in the gym for years. With my PWR Program you should be using the heaviest weight with which you can perform all given reps in the set WITH correct form. The last few reps should be tough! If you can easily complete all reps in the given set and aren’t really feeling the burn esp on the last reps, that’s a good clue it’s time to up your weights.💪🏼 When in doubt, start small! and increase gradually. Form first, always!!👊🏼⚡️🖤 .

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When you gotta get the nails in the pic likeee hold up 🤚🏾🤣 #slimFIT 💛💛💛

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Total 🔥 Body 🔥 HIIT Circuit! Sound on 🔊 Swipe left for audio instructions! Tag a friend who might find these helpful! 💪 . 10 reps each side: Reverse Lunge + Press 10 reps: Negative Front Raise 15 reps: Burpee Repeat 5x. I’m using a 20 lb preloaded barbell here. I recommend using between 20-40 lbs for the first move and 20-30 lbs for the second move 😊 #bodyloveapp . Try @bodyloveapp FREE for 7 days! Link in bio

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LOVE these kinds of workouts. Working with weights and still getting a real heart beat! These exercises are from my booty x body plan 😍 so easy to follow yet challenging af 🔥💪. ⚠️ Monster walk with jump squats ▪️3SETS – 15REPS ⚠️ T-bar squats (place bar in a corner to prevent it to slip) ▪️ 3SETS – 15REPS ⚠️ Dumbbell squat inte straight deadlifts ▪️4SETS – 10REPS ⚠️Glute bridge with hip abduction ▪️3SETS – 20REPS —- end with 4 sets of barbell thrusters and 30 ski jumps 🤩. . . 💗You’ll find the link to my plans in my bio. They’re $9,99/month and you’ll have access to ALL plans! YAYYAYAYAY!! So proud of my lions! 🙌 and we’re welcoming YOU to the fam anytime! 💗Outfit: lululemon 💗Song: ItaloBrothers – Looking Back Someday

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Back to business again after one week from gym and alot of traveling! I have worked so hard latley that both body and mind needed it🙌🏼 on the road i find something called balance 🙏💕 cheers to that 🥂 @womensbest #womensbest

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“UNDER” BOOTYYY ‼️ read that caption gurl PLZ do not forget to LIKE 💙 to support you girly trying to help THANK U okeyyy LISTEN.. If I ask you girls; what is “under” booty? You can answer me that this is NOT a muscles. That this is the area of where our GLUEUS & HAMSTRINGS are connected! That we CAN target the area by doing exercises that forces the muscle fibers of the “lower” GLUTEUS MAXIMUS to work a bittt more 💅🏼 you know that now, right ladies?! So here’s some lit lit exercises to toss together as a glute session OR use 2-3 of them in your lower bod routine. LEMME KNOW what you think below METHOD; 1️⃣ Keeling smith machine squats | 4set x 15reps squeeze those glute girlfriends 2️⃣ Smith machine good mornings | 3set x 12-15reps good old fave but damn one of the best one 3️⃣ DB sumo stance swings | 4set x 10reps (5reps each arm x 2 rounds) DO NOT underestimate the power in the one wow 4️⃣ Singe leg elevate glute bridges | 3set x 15-20reps each leg perfect for that peach burn MAKE SURE to tag your gals & save the video for later THANK U Outfit @gymshark solo leggings and NON STOP Hoodie – releasing TOMORROW at 7pm BST // 20:00 SWE // 11am PDT Link in bio – SAVE SAVE 🎶 Shoota – playboi carti ft. Lil uzi vert

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Shop @fashionnova for summer outfits and cute shorts 😇

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This is a PSA to buy pre-shrunk fabrics or keep your clothes out of the dryer. Maaaan I was so excited to have found cute longer shorts and then immediately after washing this happened. Oh well, at least I can wear them on the gram 💁🏼😂. – After reading a few very unkind comments from unkind people on the internet today (not just specifically on my page either) I’m feeling preachy. Luckyyy you guys 😂. – I know it stings when people make hurtful comments about your appearance but someone else’s opinion of your body who you’ll never meet does not impact your life AT ALL. Don’t let them have any power over your choices. Do you actually want to hang out with someone who makes rude as heck comments on stranger’s Instagram pages? I doubt it. They’re probably not a good time. – I like the way training makes me feel strong and capable. My legs used to fit in pants more easily but now I can squat heavier, jump higher, and run faster…which apparently does really come in handy as anyone who read my El Salvador story from way back knows 🙇🏼‍♀️ (for all those DMing me about the points they’re accumulating, remembering that is worth a solid 250 😂🏆). – Your body is there to help get you through life and do awesome things for you. It’s fun to dress it up and make it look 🔥 sometimes but that really shouldn’t define you. Your appearance is really not the most interesting thing about you. Please don’t forget to focus on all of your other kinds of awesome 👊🏻❤

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It’s been ☝🏼 min (actually 3 months) since I’ve posted a beflie pls excuse me lmao. Everyday I get so many Q’s about nutrition, workouts, meal prep, what I eat in a day, etc. These are questions I answer ALL ZEE TIME on my YouTube! So if you didn’t know, I have a YouTube channel and post 3 times a week 🎉🎉🎉 Go subscribe (it’s free) if you haven’t already… new video went live tonight and the link is in my bio ILYSM

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Let’s talk training schedules and workout splits because everyone’s always so curious 👇 🥤sippin’ @womensbest BCAAs ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ I’ve learned that there is no training schedule that works best for eveyone. People develop differently and some of us have to work harder to see progress in certain areas. That being said, below is what I currently find works best for me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ 🔸I (aim to) train legs and glutes 3x a week. It takes me a lot of work and time to see progress in my legs. 🔸 Back & bis 1x (it’s one of my fav days but they both develop fast and since I train for strength and aesthetics I limit it to once a week) 🔸 Chest, tris and shoulders 1x 🔸 Full body conditioning day 1x (#justgetfitconditioning) 🔸 Abs, I don’t have specific ab days, I just try to do some specific ab stuff 2x a week.. But it’s been 1 or none lately. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Now obviously this is how I aim to train, some weeks I train 6 days, others 5. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ As you can see I don’t do much of any cardio. It’s not really my thing. If I’m having a pretty sedentary day though I’ll spend 20 minutes walking on the treadmill on an incline (maybe run a bit) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ What’s your training schedule like? Are you following any particular guide or program? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ I recently finished @katiecrewe guide. It’s my fav 🙌 but since we did so muxh traveling while I did it I’ll be starting it from the beginning again soon 😍. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ #womensbest #girlswhoworkout #gymsharkwomen #womenwholift #bbgprogress #fbg #tiu

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Saving energy… -My new FITPLAN is launching tomorrow, my best one yet. Are you with me?😜🥂

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Things that make me happy; flip flops, bikinis, braids and my own melanin 😎 …it’s the simple things ☺️ #tbt #vacaymode #melanin

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Life is what you make it and I Choose to Live a Life of Happiness, Peace and Prosperity. Take 10-15 minutes to yourself to just breathe. Remember that Failure is a personal decision. Take all the time that you need to create a life that you’re truly Happy about. Life is about Balance. Inhale the Good sh*t…. exhale the bullsh*t…. namaste 🙏🏽 Photo Taken by @porterhousela #NicB #getfitwithnic #icanyoucanwecan

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#Ad Blending in like a flower in spring. Check out this #C9AtTarget outfit perfect for this spring 😍 the colors are amazing. It’s the perfect time to go outside and get in some serious workouts. Can’t wait for you guys to see the cool moves I got coming for you! Which outdoor locations should I come up with for workout ideas ? Get creative with the places and I got you! @Target ____________________________________________ Aquí camuflageada como una flor de primavera 🤗🌸 vistiendo #C9attarget @target Estos colores están preciosos. Ya el clima está buenísimo para hacer entrenamientos afuera. En cuales lugares les gustaría que les muestre rutinas? Sean creativos con los lugares, y para allá vamos. Hoy me monto con indi para ir al parque y traerles una rutina súper cool… #hijadecristo #childofGod #target

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Moms Home!! Yeezy Season 7

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@BUILTFIERCE IS HERE! as you probably know by now – omar and i have been working on this project for almost 9 months now. we saw an opportunity for something we felt was missing in the industry and decided to create it. you guys know how many ups and downs i’ve had with my fitness journey. going on and starting something new in the gym can be hard, intimidating, and lackluster. or it can be a really great program but it’s only 4-8 weeks and costs $200. omar has coached me for years and has helped me get exceptional results with not only my physique but also my strength and dietary habits. we wanted to create something accessible to all women at a low cost but supplying you with the most premium comprehensive programming out there that will ACTUALLY GET YOU RESULTS. so here is what built fierce: tailor made for likeminded women has to offer: – comprehensive workout programming by @omarisuf dripped out to you on a weekly basis – a complete PDF to help you get started jam packed with information in an easy to digest format. – custom macro calculator to suit your goals – sample meal plans to help you actually see what these macros look like on a plate. – a constantly growing workout library with 30 exercises and tutorial breakdowns to help with form & movement. – private facebook support group where you have the opportunity to chat directly with omar and i and your other friendly members during your journey – a weekly Facebook live in the private group where omar will go on and answer any and all questions you have. i’ll be there sometimes too! – PRICE: $15/MONTH. yes. you read that right. $15. and to celebrate our launch, we’re letting you start your first month at just $5/month with code FIERCE. – NO COMMITMENT. not for you? you’re free to cancel at any time 🙂 – THIS IS A PRE SALE. program will be made available on monday, november 25th. we recommend getting in now so you can start interacting on the facebook group page and getting to know other members 🙂 JOIN NOW! #builtfierce #fitness #workout #fitnessprogress #fitnessprogram

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Taking a step forward in the right direction 🍃

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Ok mostly a 🍑 pic OBVIOUSLY but can we also note the shoes —because I’m a lil obsessed #pharrelladidas Having fun in Malibu with my beb, new YT video dropping tomorrow! xo

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Plum #CheriFit Leggings 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 These bad boys are moving FAST! Treat yourself to a pair of these beautiful comfortable @cheri_fit leggings 🙌🏼 mesh panels, flattering booty cut and a side pocket for your phone 📱 Tag someone who loves Leggings 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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couldn’t decide between camo and black so I went with bothhhhh 🍃🖤

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Back in the 305 2nyt for swim week with @aerie Who’s around and what’s going on???💃💃💃 Ps love your booty regardless of its size, lumps and bumps, tiger stripes, scars, soft, firm, flat, round, dimply or smooth. It’s yours and it’s the only cushion you really need😂 #allbootysmatter #naturalskininallitsglory #Godcreatedallbuttsequally #celebrateyourbody #Imperfectlyperfect #squats #thankyouforalwaysstickingwithmebooty #iknowmyangles #yesigotmarksfromsittingdown #andnoIwontphotoshop #aeriereal #unretouched because we’re already good enough

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Last chance to sign up for my May Jumpstart Team! Link in bio 👉🏼 @hardcoreainsley ✅ 4 week custom diet plan ✅ 4 week custom training plan ✅ 24/7 access to me ✅checkins and weekly follow ups ✅ plan modifications ✅ beginner, intermediate and advanced options ✅ gym and home workout options ✅ step by step instructions and video demonstrations ✅ vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian options available ✅ support community ✅ $199 – Have questions? DM your e📬 for more info 💪🏻

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why be moody when you can pop that booty 🤷‍♀️ . currently a bundle of nerves trying to bring a billion and one things together before leaving for NYC tomorrow, so not much more to say for now except I hope you’re having a fab day and your booty is treating you good 💗🤗

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Feeling generous 💁🏻‍♀️ Tag some friends to win a giftcard 😉wearing @iconoflash iconoflash @yelete x @dreamstatelive

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Happy Monday!! Back to the grind today 🏋🏼‍♀️ what is everyone working at the gym today? I need some inspo besides legs 😜 (shorts- tagged but they are @michi_ny got them from top- pretty little thing shoes- adidas NMD) #fitgirls #motivationmonday #fitspo #ootd

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Serving you no makeup lobster face real ness this afternoon. My summer plans include a whole lot of vitamin D and sea. It took until the end of June but I finally got serious about working on these glutes. I’ve been in the gym everyday and I’ve gotta say, thank God for muscle memory. Obviously have my #1stphorm @1stphorm MicroFactor vitamins to keep this skin fresh and health on point. Ready for summer ☀️ 💪🏼

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¿Cuantos buenos regalos de imagen nos siguira dando este 2020?. (Para aquellas y aquellos que gusten de contemplar el cuerpo femenino en forma traemos esta LISTA de los Gluteos mas seguidos de Instagram). Todo esto de la fijación de los glúteos femeninos se remonta a 2015 cuando Instagram estallo como la red social de fotografía por excelencia, y ahora, en 2020 nos sigue sorprendiendo con estos…:

Pero no te estamos culpando por ver esto a continuación, es mas, disfruta de esta LISTA Con tantas nuevas influencers, modelos de fitness, activistas positivos a favor del cuerpo, la fijación del trasero es una de las únicas cosas que disfrutan ellos y ellas. (¡Si nos escuchas gritar: porque ella si los tiene y yo paresco tabla!…bueno, metete en tus asuntos…)

Sea lo que sea que te haya traido aquí (motivación para bajar de peso o averiguar cual rutina de entrenamiento de glúteos y piernas para tener resultados estaremos encantados de admirar estos 58 gluteos mujeres bien definidos, definitivamente encontrarás lo que estás buscando. Comencemos:

Suzie B

Bien, si quieres una pierna largas y EXTREMADAMENTE SENSUALES, bonitas, hermosas, envidiables, sanas, coleccionables, y admiradas: tienes que tener un entrenamiento para aumentar los glúteos de manera efectiva

Nikki Blakketter

Una de las atletas favoritas de GymShark y embajadora no solo de la marca sino de los buenos cuerpos, seguirla te dará una verdadera #crisisexistencial. Es decir, ¿soy la única que admira y envidia ese músculo, y al mismo tiempo?

Emily Skye

MODELO AUSTRALIANA ES LO QUE ESTAMOS MIRANDO convertida en entrenadora personal creó una aplicación de fitness para construir sus glúteos en un tiempo acelerado y piernas con un entrenamiento muy intensivo. Oh, y todos son ejercicios 100% realizables desde casa.

Ana Cherí

Ana Cherí es la dueña de Cheri_Fit y Be_More_Athletics. Comparte continuamente fotos de glúteos…muchos glúteos…, y en uno que otro caso tambien sabrosas recetas y las vibraciones totalmente zen.

La surfista profesional (ya desde aquí nos hace hacer cuentas de la cuenta de banco…para ver si nos alcanza pa´l anillo de matrimonio) Anastasia Ashley no se molesta en mostrar el trasero cuando llega en momento de ir a la playa, probablemente porque pasa mucho tiempo tonificando su trasero, así que, ¿por qué cubrirse? (PSS también hay que empeñar la bici vieja para pagar el anillo)

Yovanna Ventura

Que Yovanna pueda de alguna manera hacer que las mallas de control mas peligrosas parezcan sexys…habla muchso de su atractivo como mujer: (sus ojos, los ojos lo son todo) La amante de los animales tiene un régimen de ejercicio feroz que le ayuda a levantar y redondear su trasero.

Jessie Delgado

Esta modelo y amante del fitness comparte sus entrenamientos diarios en Instagram, sus glúteos no dolerán de tan solo mirar los suyos.

Jeanette Jenkins

Los entrenamientos de Jeanette son agotadores de ver en Instagram, muy apasionantes pero llenos de esfuerzo al máximo. La hemos visto sudar, caerse, correr y solo tenemos la mirada puesta en ello: ¿cuánto trabajo se necesita para formar un botín redondo como el de esta parisina?

Bruna Rangel Lima

BRASILEÑA Esta chica brasileña tiene una guía online de construcción de botines, una a la que todos queremos acceder para poder imprimir y pegarlas (para inspirarnos) y en su pagina de Instagram esta dedicada a ~ redondear~ la rutina.

Sami B

Una enfermera registrada (ojala estuviera aquí en MX) y entrenadora física certificada, Sami B le muestra a sus más de 861.000 seguidores cómo hacer ejercicios para aumentar el trasero. #yomequedoencasa pa´verla, ¿alguien?

Yanet García

Yanet García ha hecho exitante de ver la nota del tiempo: conocida por todo mexicano vivo en la tierra Yanet nos ha entregado momentos interesantes. Y nos ha hecho preparar los paraguas para esos días lluviosos. Es la “Chica del tiempo mexicana”. Gracias a su cuenta de Instagram, no es difícil imaginar dónde pasa mucho tiempo fuera de la pantalla: el gimnasio.

Melissa Molinaro

Los entrenamientos de trasero de bailarina/modelo/chica Super Mujer no son una broma en absoluto para ella, según los movimientos insanamente difíciles que publica en Instagram.

Jessica Arévalo

La culturista y modelo Jessica Arévalo no es tímida a la hora de mostrar su trasero o compartir sus ejercicios de la parte inferior del cuerpo, que pueden incluir 6 juegos de 20 repeticiones de sentadillas con pesas (y ella los hace a la vez que nos educa, ¡que gran Mujer!)

Angelica Kathleen

Esta entrenadora de fitness de Los Ángeles es la creadora del Desafío del trasero de 28 días, este angel sin alas nos demuestra sus movimientos que debemos hacer para obtener resultados reales tangibles e inflados.

Heidi Somers

Heidi, una chica en forma nacida en Alaska que ahora vive en Texas, tiene 1,7 millones de seguidores en Instagram: 1.69 con 99 consegidos por su gran talento

Meggan Grubb

Esta fundadora con sede en Londres de la guía de construcción de botines The Peach Plan tiene 974K+ seguidores de Instagram, que se quedan para sus agotadores entrenamientos.

Brittany Dawn

Entrenadora certificada por la NASM, además de una competidora en bikini y entrenadora de fitness llena sus feeds con fotos inspiradas en el fitness, algo que nos hace ilusión de mostrar aquí como muestra de su gran ayuda a la comunidad que quieren tener el cuerpo de ella.

Kelsey Wells

La entrenadora de aplicaciones SWEAT y gurú del entrenamiento post-embarazo, Kelsey Wells, tiene más de 1,3 millones de seguidores de Instagram que aman sus posturas honestas (¡nos demuestra que aun durante el embarazo no hay excusa!)

Brittne Babe

Sólo con ver los entrenamientos de alta intensidad de Brittne para lograr su trasero puede hacer que tú (y sus 1,1 millones de seguidores) desees seguirla hasta el fin del mundo. ¡No es de extrañar que su personalidad sea tan burbujeante!

Anna Victoria

Un trasero alegre es sólo una razón para seguir a esta entrenadora personal & certificada, todos sus tips y consejos están orientados a la parte inferior del cuerpo que vale la pena poner como fondo de pantalla para inspirarnos con cada desbloqueada…

Linn Löwes

HISTORIA REAL Entrenadora personal en Suecia, donde luchó contra un linfoma a mediados de sus veinte años, Linn ahora se alimenta el 99% de las veces de sus duros entrenamientos que demuestran que no es fácil construir un trasero que desafíe la gravedad.

Madelen Ros

Otra entrenadora sueca (que es amigoade Linn y comparte su cuenta de entrenamiento de amigos, @DoubleDedication: debería ser @FourDedication), el increíble trasero de Madelen bien vale la pena seguirlo en todas sus redes.

Hanna Öberg

SUECA:, los entrenamientos SUPER-duros de Hanna son todo lo que necesitas para olvidarte de un gimnasio tradicional.

Qimmah Russo

Esta entrenadora personal certificada tiene más de 1,1 millones de seguidores que confirman que el seguirla les ha traido beneficios a su salud.

Katie Crewe

Nutricionista holística y entrenadora de fitness con más de 785.000 seguidores, la alimentación de Katie muestra exactamente su estilo de vida y del tipo de trabajo que se necesita para construir y mantener ese trasero firme y carente de leyes de gravedad. Spoiler: Ella levanta MUCHO más que su peso corporal y en realidad hace cosas como tazones de acai para hacer bricolaje. Que mujer!!!

Whitney Simmons

Nuestras primera Youtuber tiene un leal seguimiento de Instagram de más de 1.8M y un trasero que puede o no haber inspirado el emoji de melocotón. 👉 🍑


Gran cocinera, gran amante del fitnes, gran corazón, uncompleto éxito total entre su publico. ¿Otras mujeres que intentan hacer lo que ella hace? Un desastre, simplemente horrible, mal, todos lo saben, creeme, todos lo saben: Donald al preguntarle de ella…

Modelo de bikini de medio tiempo, el otro se los da a sus y una parte pequeña a sus 208K que están obsesionados con los consejos sobre ejercicio y nutrición que comparte en Instagram. Y verla mas seguido, pero con bikini.

Michelle Lewin

13 millones de personas convertidos a fieles seguidores no pueden estar equivocados: Esta modelo/ reina del fitness venezolana obtiene una A+ en la piratería de traseros. Y atención.

Lita Lewis

La única cosa más inspiradora que el alegre trasero de esta entrenadora de Brooklyn es la cantidad de diversión que parece tener trabajando en ello. Buena en el gimnasio nos hace suspirar las 24 horas los 365 dias, por todo una vida…

Nic B

Con mas de 340.000 seguidores esta madre de los Angeles divide su vida presumirnos de su increíble belleza (y su increíble trasero redondo, que suele entrenar con pequeñas bandas de resistencia).

Massy Arias

LUCHADORA DE DEPRESION Y ROMPE CORAZONES Cuando la madre, el entrenador y la veterana fugitiva Massy Arias recurrió al fitness para vencer su depresión, salió más fuerte que nunca, tanto emocional como físicamente, ¡y el resultado se acumulo en ese trasero!

Kim Kardashian

Ninguna lista de botines estaría completa sin el botín de todos los botines. ¿Sabian que Kim Kardashian sabe cantar? Pues no no sabe. Pero tiene la orquesta mas epica a su espalda. Kim liberó sus propios emojis cuando el melocotón no le hizo justicia…

Khloé Kardashian

Obsesionada con compartir los entrenamientos que hacen que su trasero no libere la precion de explotar por lo grande que es, Khloé tiene un trasero tan icónico que desarrolló su propia marca de ropa para contener sus panecillos.

Jazmine García

(y a sus seguidores 459K+) Las poses del gimnasio de esta chica recuerdan exactamente lo que necesitas hacer (casi) todos los mendigos días para un trasero redondo de tamaño de reina del mundo

Kali Burns

Con base en Sydney, Australia, esta Crossfitter de 21 años de edad puede ser visto haciendo Muay Thai, ejercicios al aire libre, yoga y má conecciones con la naturaleza y nuestros ojos…un Match perfecto

Nikki Blackketter

Esta vlogger de fitness es conocida por sus ejercicios de piernas y botas, ¡y está claro que dan resultado!

Ana Cheri

Obsesionada con el fitness, esta modelo Californiana con 10,5 millones de seguidores igualmente obsesionados con los deportes extremos, ya que mencionan sus curvas de la muerte.

Katy Hearn

Con 1,8 millones de seguidores, el trasero de esta entrenadora personal es cualquier cosa menos básico o aburrido. Tan solo de mirarla nos quita el aliento y nos hace saltar los ojos. ¡Sólo mírenla trabajar en su alimentación!

Iskra Lawrence

Los 3,7 millones de seguidores de esta modelo británica y reina de la positividad y bienestar corporal no pueden no cabe siquiera en una foto de manera natural, Tiene que tomarla en angulos para que conozcamos su rostro.

Ainsley Rodríguez

Esta entrenadora no deja de trabajar en aquello que esta abajo de su cadera. Construye un entrenamiento acelerado que comparte con sus 1,7 millones de seguidores y sus seguidores no dejan de vigilar sus movimientos.

Abby Pollock

Esta ingeniera mecánica de Canadá fanatica de Tony Stark luchó una vez contra los desórdenes alimenticios, pero una vez que pidió ayuda a un nutricionista holístico y a un entrenador personal se enamoró del levantamiento de pesas, aprendió a abrazar su fuerza interior y a despojarse de cualquier ansiedad por el aumento de peso. Solo acepta el aumento en otras partes de ella.

Sarah Stage

La modelo conocida como la madre del paquete de seis (6 hijos, 6) podría ser apodada así por el “trasero súper burbujeante” que adoran sus 2,3 millones de seguidores. Increible historia para verla en la gran pantalla…

Kaylee Ullom

Esta entrenadora personal de California, llena su Feed con artículos de gimnasia que destacan su (a veces muy muy sudoroso) ~aSsEtS~* para sus más de 320K seguidores. Que suplican por mas videos tan educativos como estos:

Lindsay Pelas

Cuando Lindsay, una modelo nacida en Lousiana que vive actualmente en Los Ángeles, no está posando con los dos bollos fuera, está en sus leggins yendo a ya sabes dónde.

¿Te ha gustado el post? ¿Has llegado hasta aquí sin sufrir un infarto? Dejanos saber que estas bien de salud en los comentarios…